IN SCENA - Verdi Muti La Scala

The book “On stage Verdi Muti La Scala” is a tribute to Maestro Riccardo Muti, who, to mark the centenary of Verdi’s death, chose to conduct at La Scala the most famous and beloved of his operas. Graziella Vigo had the extraordinary opportunity of photographing the most interesting moments
of these productions during the performance with the audience in their seats.
A discreet and watchful eye, as long as invisible, attentive and penetrating that transformed the music into “visual” images, fixing those details that often pass unnoticed by those rapt in the music. From this evidence of a unique professional and human experience stems this photographic volume published by Electa.  The large-format book is notable for the meticulous care, the quality of the paper and the originality of the award-winning graphic project.

© 2004 - Electa

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