“Excuse me, may I take a photo?”  The woman with the shy but curious air, always in white and with camera in hand, comes up to the great producer, the famous actor, the severe artist, the stylist who has been photographed a thousand times. They barely look at her, just long enough to be taken by something that possesses her and her spirit, a gentle hidden strength, a serene determination, something mysterious that you can’t get away from, They all say “yes”, subdued  by her simplicity,  by a great hidden passion that is the sign of her life.  How can you tell of a person, of a life without photographing every wrinkle, every radiance, every tiredness, every sweetness in that flash of time in which one reveals oneself under the sway of the lens, which reaches beyond the daily mask to penetrate the very soul, the truth?”. From the foreword by Natalia  Aspesi

© 1999 - Electa

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