The great " Women's Meeting" in Beijing calls the political and cultural protagonists from all continents. The Italian Delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Susanna Agnelli, from Washington Hilary Clinton, Betty Friedman, Jane Fonda, from Belgium Queen Fabiola, Benazir Bhutto from Pakistan, from South Africa queen ZuluNkosazana Minister of Health, women from Senegal, Ghana and Sudan,journalists from Iran and the United Arab Emirates, there are all the representatives that count for this truly global conference.The outline of the conference states that
"Equality, Development and Peace " are the female vocation for peace and for life.

They have all arrived but a woman photographer is missing for Italy.
"In Milan there's Graziella Vigo... they call her in the night and she arrives in the Chinese capital on the morning that Hilary Clinton opens the works. Here is the origin of this book wanted by the Prime Minister for " Equality and equalopportunities between men and women",which was followed by many photographic exhibitions throughout Italy for a year.
The photographs reveal a neat Chinese capital though with a chaotic traffic of pedestrians and bicycles, proud soldier girls, unforgettable images of the Forbidden City, with the old people still wearing the uniform of Mao Zedong, whose portrait has always dominated the mythical Tiananmen Square.
"The World Women's Conference also represented an important basis for a new and constructive process of growth for China", as clever Roman journalist Marilisa Zita puts it in the preface.

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