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Once upon a time  there were  court painters, such as Velasquez, who painted
the royal children in their various growing stages, or the princesses a king wanted to ask in marriage. As in the case with Henry VIII, who had not seen the bride in person.
Only  royal families, czars, the Pope,  presidents had and have their personal photographer documenting their lives for years.

What happened to me was rare.I met a young lady in need of a portrait and from that point on I took part in her life and that of her family for over 30 years.
I  saw her children growing up was there at the birthday parties, shared some holidays, documented the concerts, their university degrees, their marriages and now after all this time, I came to know and portray  her  grandchildren.

The life of a great family and  its soul, the bride of the founder Caspar Manz, Sascha and Mischa's mother, the president of a hotel empire enfolds
on these pages.

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