NEOS, A Twenty Years long Travel.

"Travelling is the best way to widen our horizons, to enrich our knowledge,to bring down ideological barriers and to make the coexistence  among peoples come true, protecting the beauty of the world”.
So says Pietro Tarallo, the president of NEOS, which is an acronym for North, West, East and South.
It is an association of travel journalists  and photographers.
This book is made from the records  of highly qualified  journalists and photographers who,during the twenty years  that went by since NEOS was founded, never lost their love for travelling , discovering  new realities and telling about the world.

My contribution was to illustrate the WOMEN in the world.
The girls dressed in white going to school by bicycle through Vietnam rice fields,
Iranian students, their jeans showing from under their black chador, the
old Armenian woman sellind vegetables from her orchard at  Jerevan market every morning, the young indian woman  that strains the rice smiling because she'll be able to nourish her children one day more.

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