The international Art Fair Photography and Art in Motion

I have never taken part in a Photographic Market Fair but MIA is too important a show-room not to be there at least once.
On the other hand, on seeing the visitors so enthusiastic and curious about the many famous characters  portrayed by me 20 years ago, on the second day I hang a notice saying : "It's forbidden to take photos of the photographs, they are not for sale." Being at the Fair has proved a great opportunity for meeting with so many friends again, even the ones that had dropped out of sight years before, and for coming in touch with a market reality quite new to me.

From an unknown visitor
“I want to thank you for your kindness when, over my visit at MIA,
I congratulated you on Walter Matthau’s portrait with his eyes closed.
From the place it was hung high on the exhibiting wall it caught the passing visitors' interest. Not only the photograph is extraordinary, with the winning and sly way that great actor is smiling, but from where it was placed: it made fun of all the people arriving there. Thank you again for the good mood that image put me in. It is still raising my spirit, printed as it is on my mind, keeping me company.

From a great friend
I congratulate you, Graziella, this portrait exhibition is a beautiful summary of your story.
A child who has stayed a child. Even if she has become somewhat older and more famous.
Dear friend of my life. Wanny di Filippo,The Bisonte.

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