photo grace


A one hundred pages photographic book on the city of Geneva,  ordered by
Hotel de la Paix and occasioned by an important restyling by the  Ritz Carlton
new management.
All the rooms and the suites are decorated with hundreds of photographs telling
of the city "outside" the hotel, so that one could start living it even from "within".

Practically a permanent exhibition signed Graziella Vigo.

"In 2018 for four months I shot these photographs walking through
Geneva streets and squares, thinking about the city of my youth,
when I was a student here”. A special outlook between the present and
the past. The town hasn't changed much and these photoes tell of its charm, elegance, kindness, of the rigour of a small-big city unique in the world.

The  images of flowers, gardens, fashion windows, watches or chocolate advertisements, of Carouge market, the stone fountains, the palaces with their pointed spires, of the windows,  the lake with Mont Blanc  in the background, always white with snow, everything adds to the beauty of this city.

© 2017 - Studio Vigo

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