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From professor Giorgio Lambertenghi 's speech 

"This photographic book tells, in an atmosphere of true brotherhood, of the places
that were fundamental in Jesus's life and His evangelical ministy. They are not even.
brushed by religious tourism, light and absent minded as it often proves to be. 
We'll walk but shall have the time to pray too, to be silent and to listen to,
to smell  perfumes, to admire the horizons that animated  Jesus's inner space,
"alive" among us", in  the very places where he lived ."

From the voice of Don Dario who planned the itinerary " On Jesus's  trail "

From Lake Tiberias, our first stopping place, we travelled on to Jerusalem,
following the path  Jesus and his apostles had gone along two thousand years ago. Many names are known to us from the Gospels.
Our journey went by Capernaum, Cesarea, theJordan Springs, Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Jerico, The Dead Sea, Judas Desert, Jerusalem The Holy City, St.Stephen's Gate The Way of the Cross. The Holy Sepulchre Basilica, and on as far as Bethlehem with its Nativity Basilica.

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