It's always a great emotion to arrive to St. Lazarus island  on a summer morning or under winter snow. The monastery, silent and welcoming, has been there for trhee centuries, with its bell tower that stands out from faraway in the Venetian lagoon. The small church has golden mosaics and perfumes. Its "sky" is blue.

You enter and the cloister welcomes you, full of light and roses. The library, with more than four thousand manuscripts going back to before the year 1000 is unique in the world. It also has parchments with precious illuminations and books up to the first ones  printed in Venice in the16th century.

A magic place to come back to, each time with the feeling and the certainty  of finding old friends. I want to thank the Abbot and all the Mekhitarist Fathers who welcomed me with so much simple generosity and trust.
They have opened all the doors to me, showing me their threasures and sharing their bread.

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